Sunday, February 26, 2012

Detroit News: Michigan, Ohio State set to dominate Big Ten

Gina Carano
As much as I hate to say it, this article from Angelique Chengelis seems a bit homer-ish.  With the way Michigan State and Wisconsin have played in recent years, they seem to still be in the picture for winning the Big Ten.


  1. Are you in agreement about Iowa and MSU as the best evaluators in the League?

    1. I don't know about "evaluators." Maybe that's the best word for it. I also think a big part of it is coaching/development. I think Iowa is the best evaluator/developer of talent. Maybe I'm just biased, but I don't think MSU has the track record to claim that. It's only been for the last couple seasons that MSU has been anything but mediocre, and they haven't had a 1st round draft pick since 2003 (Charles Rogers). By comparison Iowa has 5 (Adrian Blayborn, Bryan Bulaga, Chad Greenway, Robert Gallery, Dallas Clark) in that span.

    2. In terms of identifying and developing talent, I'd put Wisconsin ahead of MSU because they've been doing it better and for a longer period. I would agree that Iowa's done the most with the least in terms of consistent success.

      Wisconsin has recruited on a tier below OSU, UM, and PSU, but have produced equivalent results. Some of that is looking for specialized skills (i.e. system) but they've brought in some quality skill-position guys and defenders that would help any BCS team.

      Seems like Illinois has done a decent job recognizing talent, though I'm not sure they develop it.

    3. Agreed on Wisconsin. I'd put them above MSU, too.

      Illinois seems to pick one guy a year and develop that guy. They let everyone else stew, but then they produce a guy like Cory Liuget or Rashard Mendenhall.

      Come to Illinois, where 1/85th of you will be good every year!

    4. I wouldn't even give them that much credit. Their top guys lately were generally high level recruits. Mendenhall was ranked highly by the sites (top 100 to rivals). Even though he didn't have the offers to match his star-rank, he clearly came in with talent. Ligut wasn't far off 5-star status, weirdly choosing Illinois over FSU, LSU, Georgia, etc. Martez Wilson and Benn were 5 stars everyone wanted. Basically, Illinois just seems to randomly hit on an a few high profile recruits for mysterious reasons. I struggle to name more than a couple of 3-star types they've turned into NFL players...but I admittedly don't track Illinois all that closely.

  2. Given the image, I was expecting to add to my vocabulary. Sideboob??