Friday, February 24, 2012

Junior Season Highlights: Shane Morris


  1. He does a real nice job at about 3:52 of standing in there and delivering a very good ball knowing that he's about to get hit.

    I'm sure he and Borges will be having a conversation about getting to the ground or out of bounds or something other than the hurdling thing that has Brian all exercised.

    At least until Ohio State comes around.

  2. His arm is obviously his biggest asset, he can just bomb that ball over the field, but he also puts some nice touch on his passes when it's necessary. I would say his foot work needs a lot of improvement though, although that might also have to do with the lack of time he was afforded by the O-Line.

  3. I anxiously await your TTB rating. I know you're waiting for Kozan to make a decision before unleashing your 2013 recruiting ratings. Is there any kind of deadline on Kozan's decision, or can he just kinda show up on campus over the summer and join a team?

    1. He has until April 1 to sign a National Letter of Intent for a full scholarship. If he's going to play college ball, he'll almost certainly sign before then. I won't wait that long to redo the ratings, though. I might just go ahead and do them in a week or two.