Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Video: David Terrell tribute

In case any big-time wide receiver recruits are having a hard time remembering back when Michigan had a steady string of great wideouts, here's a flashback to one of them: David Terrell.  He had 152 catches, 2317 yards, and 23 touchdown from 1998-2000.


  1. Love that he got an INT...but I don't remember him ever playing defense. How much D did he play?

    1. From what I remember, he played cornerback (poorly) against Plaxico Burress and MSU. He also played defensive back a couple times in Hail Mary situations when the other team was going to chuck it deep and Michigan needed a 6'3" leaper back there to knock the ball down. He didn't play much defense.

  2. Also a Richmond VA product, as was Minor you mentioned earlier.

  3. Always one of my favorite WR's. His lack of production in the pro's always baffled me, but sometimes things just don't work out for some reason. He had size, speed and could jump...I thought he was going to be a very good WR in the NFL.

    I know most of the younger UM fans think of Braylon when they think of the number 1 jersey and that is probably because of all the fuss he makes about it. The older fans think of Carter. I always think of DT when I think of what the next WR to wear the #1 should be like. Totally dominant.