Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wyatt Shallman, Wolverine

Wyatt Shallman (with Tom VanHaaren)
Novi (MI) Catholic Central running back Wyatt Shallman committed to Michigan on Saturday.  Once again, I wrote up a scouting report on Shallman several weeks ago, so feel free to follow the link for my thoughts on him.

ESPN: Unranked
Rivals: 4-star ATH, #160 overall
Scout: 4-star DE
247 Sports: 4-star, 92 grade, #9 SDE, #181 overall

Shallman has insisted that he is being recruited to Michigan as a tailback, and I won't call him a liar.  However, I am not too enthusiastic about Shallman's abilities as a runner.  I do think he has the ability to make an impact in college like former Purdue fullback Mike Alstott, but I don't think he's the type of runner who can be a feature back in the Big Ten.  Michigan still needs to pursue a big-play back who can be the type of kid to run the ball 15-20 times a game.  I would prefer to see Shallman used as a fullback/H-back type player.


  1. We've talked about Wyatt in some other threads (most recently, the Wish List) so I know your complaints.

    I have a question about the split back formation. I've heard Hoke talk about it and it sounds like it's something we'll see more of. What types of backs do coaches want in a split back formation? Might Wyatt be used in this formation as a blocking and running threat? I get that he lacks top end speed, but he'll be the same size (if not bigger) than the linebackers that will try to tackle him, so it's gotta be nice to have such a big guy for short yardage and goal line sets.

    1. The split back formation is where I think Shallman would fit best as a fullback. He could potentially be a blocker, runner, or receiver and used in a variety of ways. With Shallman's height, he might not be the best "iso" blocker because he may not be able to get low enough consistently to root out middle linebackers and such. But with his speed - which would be pretty good for a fullback - he could potentially get out in the flat and outflank the defense. That kind of threat might open things up in the middle for the other running back, the tight end, or crossing receivers. As Michigan presumably moves away from the spread offense and more to the West Coast offense and its variations, he could be a nice change-of-pace or short yardage back. I just don't want to see him as an I-back for 60 plays a game.

    2. Thanks again for the insight. I still want a RB with top end speed (I'm looking at you, Ty Isaac) who can make big plays. I can't remember the last time I've seen a Michigan running back running away from elite defenders the way Boom Herron used to run against us.

  2. Replies
    1. I'm not giving out TTB ratings until the class of 2012 finishes up (*cough* Alex Kozan *cough*).

  3. Magnus,

    If he were to switch positions, where would he best project and how does he project there?

    1. I think his next best position would be as an H-back, the position which Khalid Hill was recruited for. I think he would do well there because he has fair speed, soft hands, and a big body. I don't really see him as a defensive player, although if he switched to defense, I would peg him for the WDE position.