Thursday, February 23, 2012

Where are the 2012 Big Ten recruits from?

WTF happened to Canada?
Beenplumb linked a map over on the MgoBoard the other day that details where teams' 2012 commits are from. The map combines software technology with a good idea to produce an interesting visualization. Unfortunately, the map doesn't include every Big Ten team and has several significant inaccuracies/omissions. So after spending some time at the website (which is still worth the click through), I decided it would be interesting to produce an up-to-date list of where each Big Ten team is getting their talent (top two states). Schools are listed in order of their 2012 Big Ten class rankings, according to Rivals.

Ohio State: Ohio (15), Massachusetts and Virginia (2), *Michigan (0)*
Michigan: Michigan (9) and Ohio (9)
Nebraska: California (3), Arizona, Texas, Ohio and Illinois (2)
Purdue: Florida (5), Texas and Indiana (4)
Michigan State: Ohio (7), Michigan (4)
Iowa: Illinois (6), Michigan and Iowa (3)
Penn State: Pennsylvania (4) and Maryland (4)
Wisconsin: Wisconsin (3), Florida and Pennsylvania (2)
Northwestern: Pennsylvania (5), Illinois and Ohio (4)
Illinois: Ohio (6), Florida (5)
Indiana: Indiana (8), Ohio and Illinois (3)
Minnesota: Minnesota (10), Texas (5) (No one defends their own backyard like Minnesota.)

For additional information on the 2012 Big Ten recruiting class, including the ever-valuable "average average" metric, take a look at Ace's final charts.


  1. Interesting that Iowas recruites Michigan almost as well as State. For the Iowa commits from MI (I only know of Taylor and Lile from Cass Tech), do you think State missed out on them, or is Iowas recruiting at a lower level than State?

    1. Iowa tends to get Michigan/MSU's leftovers in the state of Michigan. If you look at Iowa's recruiting and then how they perform on the field, Kirk Ferentz and Co. do a great job of developing their talent. They do more with less than anybody else in the Big Ten, I think.

  2. Kevin Buford - who will be participating in the MI East-West All Star Game - is the other player out of MI headed to Iowa. As far as I can tell, none of those three players (Buford, Lile, Taylor) held MSU offers, so Iowa wasn't exactly battling it out with MSU for their services.

  3. As much as everyone talks about dominating instate recruiting, I kind of hope they don't take nearly as many instate kids this year. So many other good players the staff is in on from other areas.

  4. I find it interesting that the state of Illinois was one of the top states for recruits at 3 different schools, but not for the University of Illinois.

    1. Illinois did sign four in-state players this year, just not as many as from Ohio and Florida. Iowa is a program that always seems to keep a consistent presence in the state of Illinois, and this year, three of their six signees out of Illinois also held offers from U of I.

  5. I would offer that Mississippi is more of a black hole than Minnesota when it comes to keeping kids in state, but this could be more of a function of Mississippi being Mississippi.