Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 Offense-Defense All-American Bowl rosters

Lawrence Marshall
The Offense-Defense All-American Bowl will be taking place on Friday, January 3 at 5:00 p.m. and will be streamed online. There are a few guys playing who were offered by Michigan, including two Michigan commits.

Juwann Winfree - WR - New Jersey (Maryland)
Daniel Helm - TE - Illinois (Tennessee)

Lawrence Marshall - DE - Michigan (Michigan)
Andrew Williams - DE - Georgia
Petera Wilson - LB - Tennessee
Chase Winovich - LB - Pennsylvania (Michigan)


  1. To see what Dantonio did with a bunch of avg 3* recruits was amazing and made me upset with our situation. (note also Connor Cook was actually a 2* recruit). All this recruit following I think is over blown. What really matters is what happens when the recruits arrive on campus and get into a program. The Spartans sure seem to know what they're doing and Mich does not.

    If Hoke doesn't get the job done next year, I say bounce him back to San Diego.

    1. Absolutely. Anything less than 9 wins and we should know what the deal is. I understand that having all 3 of our rival games (MSU, OSU, and ND) as away games isn't easy, but other 9 games are all winnable. This is Hoke's 4th year, and we should wipe the floor with Appy State, Miami of Ohio, Utah, Minny, Rutgers, Penn State (w/ first-year coach and sanctions), and Maryland. We should beat Indiana and Northwestern. No more excuses in 2013. 9+ wins or Hoke isn't the one to get us back to the top.

    2. I approve this message!

  2. You all are amazing ! These kids are going to improve . When you think of Devin Gardner think of him as a redshirt freshman. He never had any MEANINGFUL snaps until Denard went down. These other kids haven't had the benefit of a lot of seniors as mentors. The OL had to face opposition much further along in development. Be patient , I know its not easy but give it a chance . GO BLUE !!