Sunday, January 12, 2014

Detroit Sports Rag: Terry Foster is a Pathological Liar

Here's an extra link tonight just because I really hate Terry Foster. It documents a couple lies that he has told, which is not a good trait in a journalist or even a columnist.

Hit the jump for a girl at a pool.


  1. Terry Foster is the absolute worst. He's been pulling crap like this forever. Thank you for sharing this, Thunder.

  2. What do you have against Foster? Who cares if he mis-spelled a word and didn't fess up to it? Particularly when the person approaching him with it is being snarky and condescending.... I wouldn't give him the time of day either. This is just a hit piece.... I thought you were above this.

    1. You thought I was above posting a link to another website/blog? I didn't write the piece. I just linked to it. Anyway, I don't like Foster. He tries to stir up too much controversy.

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  4. Foster is bad, no doubt about it, but he can't hold a candle to his knucklehead co-host Valenti.

    There are not a couple of clowns bigger than these two in all of sports radio!