Friday, January 31, 2014

Grantland: Better with Age

Chris Brown writes about how Peyton Manning has improved as he has aged into a 37-year-old quarterback with a second life.

Hit the jump for Karolina Kurkova wearing wings!

Karolina Kurkova


  1. Clearly the ability to call your play while standing there at the line of scrimmage staring at the defense is a powerful advantage. I struggle to understand why anybody huddles anymore, unless you have a QB who just can't pull it off.

    On a similar subject, the other concept that I could never get my head around was the whole scripted series of plays thing made popular by Bill Walsh within the West Coast Offense. It's sort of huddling in the extreme if you think about it. I guess if you have Joe Montana throwing it out there to Jerry Rice and Ronnie Lott running around back there with your defense just in case stuff goes wrong, you don't have to care about what they line up in. But still .....

    1. I've never really believed in scripting plays as an "every game" thing, but as a play caller, I have on occasion scripted plays to take advantage of series of plays and how I think a team will attack us defensively to start a game. As you might expect, I crossed out plays that didn't work and then returned to the ones that did have success. I think there are certain situations where scripting might be a good idea, but yeah, when you have great players, anything can work.