Friday, January 10, 2014

CNN: Some college athletes play like adults, read like fifth graders

This is nothing groundbreaking, but it takes a look at the academic levels of some college athletes (particularly at UNC).

Hit the jump for a girl standing in front of a door.

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  1. Two points.

    First and from the article, "The issue was highlighted at UNC two years ago with the exposure of a scandal where students, many of them athletes, were given grades for classes they didn't attend, and where they did nothing more than turn in a single paper. Last month, a North Carolina grand jury indicted a professor at the center of the scandal on fraud charges. He's accused of being paid $12,000 for a class he didn't teach."

    Neither UNC nor the NCAA nor the kids themselves, nor anybody else in college athletics cares one whit about this as demonstrated by the fact that the only guy going to court is the professor for a lousy $12,000 fraud charge. This would be laughable in the extreme were it not exactly the way business is being done across the board at every level of our society, but particularly within education, government and our financial system. The corruption at the top in America is both rampant and protected. Only the punks pay if things should happen to blow up.

    Second, something like this could not possibly happen at a fine ACC academic institution like ..... say ..... Clemson for example.