Saturday, January 4, 2014

New York Times: Stanford's distinct training regimen redefines strength

Greg Bishop does a piece on Stanford's training program for football players, which sounds different than most programs you find.

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  1. I read that article a few days ago ... it's an interesting twist on the strength and conditioning storyline.

    What I don't know is how "new" this approach is ... is it really that revolutionary? Or do all big program S&C programs have flexibility, balance and speed elements beyond just building bulk?

    Also ... in Googling around, it seems Aaron Wellman (of Michigan S&C) spent some time at Michigan State before hooking up with Hoke at Ball State. Interesting.

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    Hope you're having a good off-season so far. Keep up the good work!

  4. Nice little article, this stuff is not dissimilar to much of what Barwis does, particularly the balance and joint stabilization work.

    My kid works out whenever he can with Lance Long who is also employing much of this type of work. Lance has them lifting probably half a session every other session, the rest is kettle bells, planks, ladders, balance pads, boxes, explosion training etc. it's pretty easy to see the results especially in a kid like mine who is working with just appalling genetics.

    1. Do you have any sense for how Wellman's routine aligns with this?

      I have to believe the S&C community is somewhat tight-knit ... they meet, share ideas and techniques, etc. I'd find it hard to believe there are elements of Stanford's (and Barwis) in any top-end S&C program.

      I seem to recall some years back some football team was doing ballet to improve balance and flexibility. I can't recall if that was college or pro.

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