Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Final Rivals 100 for 2014 released

Paramus (NJ) Catholic cornerback Jabrill Peppers is Rivals' #3 player nationally
Rivals released their top 100 players on Monday. Here's what it looked like back in December. Movement for Michigan commits:

- Jabrill Peppers dropped from #2 to #3
- Mason Cole jumped from #129 to #92

1. Da'Shawn Hand - DE - Virginia (Alabama)
2. Myles Garrett - DE - Texas (Texas A&M)
3. Jabrill Peppers - CB - New Jersey (Michigan)
4. Leonard Fournette - RB - Louisiana (LSU)
5. Quin Blanding - S - Virginia (Virginia)
6. Adoree' Jackson - CB - California
8. Joe Mixon - RB - California (Oklahoma)
10. Jalen Tabor - CB - Washington, DC (Florida)
15. Malachi Dupre - WR - Louisiana
16. Bo Scarbrough - ATH - Alabama (Alabama)
17. Cameron Robinson - OT - Louisiana (Alabama)
20. Damian Prince - OT - Maryland
24. John Smith - S - California
26. Malik McDowell - DE - Michigan
27. Josh Malone - WR - Tennessee (Tennessee)
30. Elijah Hood - RB - North Carolina (North Carolina)
32. Andrew Brown - DT - Virginia (Virginia)
33. Jalen Hurd - RB - Tennessee (Tennessee)

36. Lorenzo Carter - DE - Georgia
37. Solomon Thomas - DE - Texas
38. Jamal Adams - S - Texas (LSU)
40. Damon Webb - CB - Michigan (Ohio State)
44. Jeff Jones - RB - Minnesota (Minnesota)
45. Demetrius Knox - OG - Texas (Ohio State)
50. Braden Smith - OG - Kansas
51. Erick Smith - S - Ohio (Ohio State)
53. Steven Parker - S - Oklahoma
57. Edward Paris - S - Texas (LSU)
63. Dante Booker - LB - Ohio (Ohio State)
68. Artavis Scott - WR - Florida (Clemson)
70. Jackson Barton - OT - Utah (Utah)
72. Nyles Morgan - LB - Illinois (Notre Dame)
74. Casey Tucker - OT - Arizona
77. Christian McCaffrey - RB - Colorado (Stanford)
79. Jeb Blazevich - TE - North Carolina (Georgia)
89. Jalen Brown - WR - Arizona (Oregon)
92. Mason Cole - OG - Florida (Michigan)
94. Jamarco Jones - OG - Illinois (Notre Dame)
95. Kenny Young - LB - Louisiana
98. Alex Bars - OT - Tennessee (Notre Dame)


  1. I expect big things from Cole. And McDowell is now 5-star in both Scout and Rivals. His appeal has significantly enhanced...

    1. It was the addition of that little yellow star that now makes suduri really, really, really want McDowell. Before this week, when McDowell was a lowly four star with offers from every big program, suduri wasn't so sure. Hoke's scouting has finally been validated by the good folks at Rivals.

    2. I don't know what you are talking about, and looking at the way you talk, I think you have some issues that may need to be resolved.

  2. I am surprised a little at both how far Andrew Brown fell, but not him losing his 5th star. Seems a little contadictory. He got his ass handed to him at the UA practices and games so he drops considerably (top 10 to 32), but keeps his 5th star. Either you say the bad week was a fluke and he is only moderately penalized or he is actually penalized and drops to a 4 star. SMH.

  3. Thunder, maybe this is a mailbag type question (or maybe not) but I'd be curious to hear your thoughts...

    I was reading the Seahawks / 4-3 Under article ( http://grantland.com/features/whos-laughing-now/) and it struck me as interesting and potentially applicable to Michigan. Do you agree?

    2 things stuck out in how they used a hybrid scheme: the jumbo corners and jumbo DE. Sehawks use "323-pound Red Bryant" at DE so that they can 2-gap one side of the line. I was wondering if the coaches wouldn't like to use McDowell in the same way (or another bigger DE like Godin/Wormly) to execute some of the same stuff. Clearly, they like big corners too. Could Channing Stribling or Reon Dawson be our Richard Sherman? Jambril Peppers or Dymonte Thomas be our Earl Thomas.

    I guess I'm just wondering if Michigan fans can look to Seattle as a sort of model or if it's too exotic for the college game.