Monday, January 20, 2014

Detroit News: Drake Harris learns valuable lessons while missing football

Sam Webb put together an article on Drake Harris, who missed his entire senior year with a hamstring injury.

Hit the jump for a girl in a black bikini. You won't be disappointed.


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    1. Agreed, the rest of her is remarkably unmanly.

    2. I care because that makes "everything" look smaller. ;)

    3. are so concerned about the size of their phones...

  2. Kids in every sport play and play and play and play. I sat down with another soccer dad recently and tried to figure out just how many games our kids have played. We figured conservatively 50/60 games a year, not counting 3v3 and pickup tournaments. Comes to 200/250 plus games since U-8.

    I pulled the plug on my youngest son's High School season this year after he went down in a tournament Memorial Day weekend last Spring.

    He was more than mildly irritated about it. He spent the summer and fall rehabbing, working out with Lance Long and just playing around with the ball and a wall.

    Flash forward 5 months, he's healthy for the first time in two years and wants the ball again because he back to being able to make a move and get away like he could before the injuries started piling up.

    Losing your Senior year is sad, but I'm starting to think that some time off to get well and get stronger is nothing but a blessing.

    1. Accounting major and I can't multiply, make that 400/480 gems.