Monday, January 27, 2014

Public Service Announcement: 40 Year Reunion

The following is an e-mail announcement sent to me from Steve Strinko, a former Michigan Wolverine and Detroit Lions linebacker:
I apologize for not having a name to address this comment to. I played for U of M '71-'74 and was MVP as middle linebacker for the 1974 season. This year we celebrate 40 years and are combining our reunion with the dedication of a Bo Schembechler statue. The first of its kind on the U of M campus. In an effort to include everyone we are looking to invite all of our old coaches. I saw the article about Dennis Brown and thought you might have his phone number or way to reach him. I am also going to give you a list of all the coaches and ask if you could help us locate them. Any help like even the city they now live in would be great. Thanks for any help you can provide. Should be a lot of fun. 
Here's the names: Tirrel Burton, Jerry Hanlon, Dick Hunter, Frank Maloney, George Mans, Gary Moeller, Larry Smith, Chuck Stobart, Jim Young, Frank Maloney, George Mans, Larry Smith, Jim Young, Dick Hunter
So people of the Michigan blogosphere, if you have any information for the men listed, please e-mail me (touchthebanner at gmail dot com) or leave any general info on whereabouts in the comments (such as cities, not home addresses or phone numbers).

Thanks, and hopefully it will be a successful reunion for the 1974 team, which went 10-1 on the way to a Big Ten co-championship and a #3 ranking. Go Blue!


  1. "Stobart's Stallions" -- Bob Ufer

  2. This brought a tear to my eye. Any idea where the statue will be located?

  3. Have you tried Greg Dooley at MVictors? Wouldn't be surprised if he has some of those contacts. Also, James Burrill Angell from MGoBlog.