Sunday, January 5, 2014

Most Popular Posts of 2013

Surprise, surprise - Jabrill Peppers was the year's biggest individual
draw to this here blog.
At the end of each calendar year, I like to look at the posts that were viewed most often and see how things went. Here are the twenty most viewed posts from 2013.

1. 2013 BBQ at the Big House Visitors

2. Visitors: Michigan vs. Ohio State

3. Scouting Report: Jabrill Peppers

4. A History of #1 Rated Tailbacks

5. Scouting Report: 2014 Quarterbacks

6. NSFW Attractive Michigan Girl of the Week

7. Spring Game Visitors

8. Scouting Report: Mason Cole

9. Scouting Report: Da'Shawn Hand

10. Visitors: Michigan vs. Notre Dame

11. Recruit Tracker: Wilton Speight

12. Visitors: March 15-17, 2013

13. Scouting Report: Chase Winovich

14. Nebraska 17, Michigan 13

15. 2013 Michigan Summer Camp Attendees

16. ESPN 300 for 2015 updated

17. Visitors: First week of April

18. Visitors: Last week of March

19. Recruit Tracker: Maurice Ways

20. Scouting Report: Malik McDowell


  1. So excited about Peppers, indeed. This kid is a winner and has the moxy of Woodson (my all-time favorite Wolverine). Hope we hold onto him tight into the NSD, and he hope can destroy WRs left and right!

  2. Thunder, what coaches do you think will be gone next year, if any will be gone?

    1. Well, the Rivals mods are suggesting that "a few" coaches could be gone. I think Jackson, Funk, Borges, and Mallory are the most likely to go. Jackson could probably retire, I think Funk needs to go if only to show that Hoke/Brandon have high standards, Borges is iffy, and Mallory might just be looking for a head coaching or defensive coordinator job.

    2. Yup... I hope we can hire some good coaches to replace them.

    3. That's good news...I talked about how much I want Bostad, but my brother says Hoke would never hire Bostad IF Funk gets fired, because him and Hoke have no prior relations...

  3. Any chance McDowell still comes to Michigan?

    1. I doubt it. I thought for sure he'd be coming especially after Marshall was in his ear all season, even on twitter too...Don't know how good he'll end up being, but he would've been a great get for the sake of getting someone better than average to fill up depth. I have a sneaking suspicion he never wanted to come to Michigan, think it's between Florida, and Michigan State now, with him trending towards Michigan State. I know the guy has great interest in FSU and Alabama, but FSU is full at DE, and Alabama's class is more than likely done too at 24. I know the guy has interest in Ohio State too, but Ohio State has one remaining spot, according to Luke Zimmerman from LGHL, and says that they're highly going after Curtis Samuel and Damian Prince, and says that by the time they commit elsewhere, McDowell will already be out of the hunt. That being said, maybe, just maybe Michigan has an outside shot at making one final pitch, due to the fact that he only has two other reliable options at the moment.

      If this was too long, and you don't want to read: McDowell's trending towards State

  4. McDowell has been playing Michigan fans all along. He wants to travel and see other schools, but he will be Blue.