Thursday, November 29, 2012

EDSBS: Blatant Homerism

Danielle Knudson
Every Day Should Be Saturday  writes a list of bullet points about the experience of being in Columbus for The Game.

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  1. I got to see four Michigan Ohio State games in Columbus, and only had to pay for a ticket once.

    My redshirt year at Michigan I drove a truck for Seven Up and had friends at the Coke distributor. We traded shirts, I bought some grey work pants and RW, Captain and I would just walk through the service gate onto the grounds of the Horseshoe three abreast at about 10 AM on gameday. it was a beautiful thing.

    We would then get as far away from guys actually working as we were able, usually by going up to the base of the press box where one year we briefly met Curt Gowdy. Got a little bit caught and ended up helping out swapping some premix tanks for a half an hour or so one year.

    We'd usually end up sitting up in an aisle somewhere near the top of the stadium in the middle of Buckeye heaven and were always treated well. Although we were dressed like Coke guys and not Wolverines. I'd usually try to find the best football guys I could to sit with.

    I am one of the very few guys around who was there to see Mike Lantry miss both times.

    Among the more memorable moments was driving down High Street on an unseasonably warm Friday evening around 11 PM and seeing a balcony full of drunk Buckeyes being directed in a chant of "Bo Sucks D..." and then remembering our Michigan plates.

    As a result of all of this I dearly love the Buckeyes and always will. I pull for them 46 or 48 weeks out of the year. It's whiny little Sparty that I find to be annoying.