Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rivals: Mind of Mike - Wideouts wide open

Gemma Lee Farrell
Rivals' Mike Farrell discusses several players with heavy Michigan interest, including Derrick Green, LaQuon Treadwell, Leon McQuay III, and Da'Shawn Hand.


  1. Thunder: is it just me, or does Farrell seem to always have it out for UM? I am particularly referring to the incident surrounding the Poggi commitment and Mike getting scooped by Sam. He just seems to only give UM backhanded good news.

    1. I don't think Farrell is particularly anti-Michigan. I've seen him make antagonistic comments about other schools, too. I think he's just a little bit of a pot stirrer, and Michigan fans - probably like any team's fans - are a little too sensitive.

      Keep in mind that while Farrell gets a lot of flak from Michigan people, he also does a pretty good job. Michigan fans hated him for saying that FSU was in the driver's seat for E.J. Levenberry...and then Levenberry picked FSU over Michigan.