Monday, November 12, 2012

Video: Hoke, Gardner, Roundtree - Northwestern Postgame


  1. It's frustrating that Rodriguez burned his redshirt but he might of done it with the thought that he was going to beat out Denard for the starting job at some point and was too talented to stay for five years. My buddies been calling for Devin for a while but everytime he's played up until now he's been horrible. Granted the last two opponents aren't known for their defense it's still nice to see him get a few whole games under his belt so we can see his true potential rather than just a series here or there to replace Denard when he gets a boo boo. I know it's stupid to say this cause I love the direction the offense is heading with Borges but I can't imagine what this offense would look like with Denard at RB and Gardner at Qb running Rodriguez's offense.

  2. Man I'm gonna miss Roundtree. He isn't the most gifted receiver but man has he come up with some big plays in the clutch. He's funny and you can tell he's an important part of the locker room.
    He showed some flashes of what could have been with Devin throwing to him this week. It's a shame that he's been almost invisible for the last two years due to our qb being unable to accurately deliver the ball to any of his receivers. An accurate qb that gets the ball out of his hands on time gives the receiver the opportunity to make plays. This has never been Denards strength and I think part of it is due to his heighth and his need to find a passing lane before he can throw it. Devin does not have this problem and Roundtree benefits from it.