Sunday, November 25, 2012

Michigan Daily: Omameh - 300 pounds of sunshine

Cheryl Cole
The Daily profiles offensive guard Patrick Omameh.


  1. Two points:

    (1) Seeing Cheryl Cole under a headline with "300 pounds of sunshine" is a striking contradiction. :-)

    (2) What's the book on Omameh's offensive line play, given all the hand-wringing over at MGoBlog? He's part of the interior, but is he a relatively bright spot within that group?

    1. I'd be curious to get your take on #2 as well, Thunder. In my admittedly amateur view, Omameh, while no world-beater, has the makings of a pretty solid player, and his smarts and relative athleticism will make him a decent NFL O-lineman in the right system.

    2. Free from other roster limitations, I always felt that Omameh was a better offensive tackle prospect. He doesn't have the power base to be an offensive guard, but he does have the feet to pass protect well and get up to linebackers. I always thought he was miscast, and I think that's unfortunate because he spent four years at the position.

      If he's going to have a shot at playing in the NFL, I think it will be as a tackle. I don't think NFL teams will mess with him at guard, and with free agency, NFL teams won't have to pick from just 85 scholarship players and a couple viable walk-ons. I'd be much more confident in Omameh pushing around 250-270 lb. defensive ends rather than 310 lb. defensive tackles.

      I don't think anyone has been a bright spot on the offensive line, but I do think Omameh is perhaps the #2 or #3 talent of the starting group, behind Lewan and perhaps Schofield; Barnum and Mealer are likely headed for street clothes, in my opinion. When people say that Michigan's running game is suffering because the scheme doesn't fit the players, I think Omameh is the #1 example. He wasn't made to pull or drive block stout defensive tackles. He was made to be an edge pass protector and kick out defensive ends.