Monday, August 26, 2013

Depth chart for Michigan vs. Central Michigan

I won't post these every week, but I thought it was important for week one. Here's the depth chart. Feel free to discuss in the comments.

QB: Gardner, Morris, Cleary
RB: Toussaint, Johnson, Hayes, Rawls, Green/Smith
FB: Kerridge, Houma, Shallman
WR: Gallon, Reynolds
WR: Jackson/Chesson
TE: Funchess, Williams, Butt, Hill, Paskorz
LT: Lewan, Braden
LG: G. Glasgow, Bryant, Burzynski
C: Miller, Burzynski
RG: Kalis, Burzynski, Bars
RT: Schofield, Magnuson, Gunderson
SLOT: Dileo, Norfleet

DE: Heitzman, Godin/Wormley
NT: Washington, Pipkins, Ash
DT: Black, R. Glasgow, Henry
DE: Clark, Ojemudia, Charlton
SLB: C. Gordon/Beyer, Ryan
MLB: Morgan, Bolden, McCray
WLB: Ross, Jenkins-Stone, Gedeon
LCB: Taylor, Hollowell/Lewis
RCB: Countess, Stribling
SS: T. Gordon, Furman, Thomas, Hill
FS: Wilson, Clark, Avery

PK: Gibbons, Wile
KO: Wile
P: Wile, Allen
PR: Norfleet, Dileo
KR: Norfleet, Dileo, Chesson
H: Dileo, Allen
LS: Glanda


  1. My thoughts:

    RB. Not shocked to see Green/Smith at the bottom, though that may not last all season as they get up to speed. Hopefully one of them can red-shirt. I am not surprised that Rawls has been passed over, but Johnson all the way to #2 is a little bit of a surprise. Hoke says he blocks well, so that's good.

    FB. Guess that Shallman RB experiment didn't last too long. No one is surprised he's there, but it happened fast.

    WR. Jackson won't die, much to many fans chagrin. I sort of thought Reynolds would end up starting. For now I expect to see a lot of rotation between Jackson/Reynolds/Chesson...and a lot more single receiver sets too.

    TE. Don't know how much of this is injury to Paskorz, but I'm surprised to see Hill listed.

    OL. I'm bummed that neither Braden nor Bryant fought their way into a job. Of the much vaunted OL recruiting class, only Kalis has earned a job. People want to hype of Glasgow but ultimately he's still a preferred walk-on. I take this as a bad sign. Not a death blow, but also not good news.

    DL. No major surprises but I though Wormley might take the job from Heitzman.

    LB. Looks like they're going to burn Gedeon's red-shirt which is a bummer, but not a total shock given the 4-man class they're bringing in for '14.

    DB. Avery not being listed at nickel or CB (where he started last year) is a surprise to me - though the injury may be playing a role. Sounds like Furman's demise may have been exaggerated. I saw the Stribling scrimmage highlights but still surprising that such a skinny guy gets in the rotation right away. Great sign for him. Looking forward to see what he can do.

    1. I don't know how many single receiver sets there will be, but I do expect a lot fewer three- and four-receiver sets.

      Paskorz has a broken hand. It shouldn't affect him for the entire season.

      I think Glasgow will be okay. I'm not sure if he's a true guard because he was terrible at pulling last spring, but he looks like he's in better shape. Personally, I think he might be better off at right tackle in the long run, but he's more of a legitimate option than Burzynski or Gunderson.

      I think Gedeon and/or McCray will still redshirt.

      Furman is going to lurk there, but I don't think he's a potential starter in the future. And I didn't think Stribling looked skinny anymore. He looks like he's in pretty solid shape.

    2. I think that depends on how much they want to use Dileo as the 2nd WR. I do think they want Dileo to play, but they've pegged him as a SLOT - so who knows.

      Hope you're right about the freshman LBs.

      Glasgow being ahead of Burzynski/Gunderson is fine, but Bryant/Braden is different.

  2. A few issues that I have:

    1) I dont like that Jackson is ahead of Chesson. It means that Chesson could not beat out Jackson, who IMO is in there for his blocking.

    2) Wilson starts at FS but from what I read is that Avery is hot on his heals. It looks like Avery might be injured now though. I dont like this fact that a captain does not start. Avery and Gordon could very well both not start.

    3) Just because Green is way back on the depth chart now does not mean that he will not play or redshirt. Remember he was hurt and did not get alot of reps.

    This I like from this depth chart:

    1) SLOT: Dileo, Norfleet. If this were a video game I would play Slot every play because I feel that Dileo and Norfleet are a much better combo that Chesson and Jackson. I think Dileo and Norfleet bring the wow factor to this offense, Norfleet more than Dileo but Drew catches everything that is within 10 feet of him.

    2) We will play alot of freshman on defense but I think that it good because it creates experience for next year. Taco and Thomas I think will be freshman all Americans along with Butt on offense.

  3. I think when you take a long look at the depth chart you begin to see something that has been a pattern of this coaching staff from day one. They like to involve as many upper classmen as long as they don't give up significant talent on the field. If there is close competition they usually reward the upper classman for sticking it out. Not that they are not usually better because of exposure to the game at this level, but there have been instances where it has appeared to be just because they are older.

    LG: I think this has to do with the fluid on Bryant's knee. The coaches see that they may have a viable option to keep Chris healthy for the Big Ten season and still develop Glasgow who is not a small guy.

    C: Miller has been the pick since Molk left, but it has taken a while to get him ready. Not that I think Miller is the man, but more of an indication that he is definitely better than Joey B.

    WR: I think you will see Chesson quite a bit unless Jackson improved significantly. Jackson is one of those guys getting the benefit because he is a senior.

    RB: Other than Fitz I am not sure this one is settled. Each one is different and the freshmen just have not had time to get up to speed and differentiate themselves yet. This one will take a few weeks to get figured out.

    D-Line: Seems to be another go with the oldest guy. Now a couple of them have received some praise so it may very well be legit, but in general there are large counterparts waiting in the wings. Experience is good here, but we have athletic younger guys just waiting for their turn in this heavy rotation.

    SLB & MLB: Both guys seem to be older pick. Gordon is in a make or break it kind of year. Being voted a captain shows me that not only the team, but probably the coaches like the kid. Hopefully it translates to the field. Morgan is someone I don't expect to see long on the field. He better step it up fast as there is talent behind him.

    SS: I don't believe the 2-deep will last that way for long. I think the first chance Dymonte gets he will secure that job. There will be some lumps, but if he can get the break he wants he will start before the season ends.

    FS: Won't surprise me to see Avery start there from the ND game on, unless Wilson just blows up. I personally like the size of Wilson over Avery, but he has to be mentally ready to play.

    just my 2 cents.

    1. I think you're right about the coaches favoring vets, but I also think it applies to moving around between positions. I think what you're seeing in the secondary is the coaches moving vets they trust around (Avery, Countess) experimenting for versatility sake, and locking young guys into more specific roles (Thomas at nickel, Stribling at corner, Wilson at Safety).

      I'll be shocked if Avery starts over Wilson. At this point, Wilson has played safety longer than Avery and being a CB/Nickelback is just not the same thing. Safety is a tough position - it's no surprise that a true freshman would take time to learn it. Avery seems smart but he also seems small. The coaches want the safeties to be interchangeable, which means being a good tackler, not just coverage. If our safeties are both seniors this year we're going to be in for some lumps next year.

      Thoughts along the same lines for Thomas - moving him back and forth between nickel and safety is asking too much. If he does well, he can try his hand at SS next year.

    2. Nick,

      I think that Miller is kind of the center by default. I also think that you are right that we will see a lot of Chesson. That being said I hope its not a sign that Jackson is in on running plays and Chesson is in on passing plays. I also think that Dymonte starts at saftey at some point this year, if he does not then Avery does. From what I have read Wilson seems to struggle at times. By the end of the year I think the depth chart is something like this:

      Offense: Gardner, Fitz, Kerridge, Gallon, Chesson, Dileo/ Norfleet, Lewan, Glasgow, Miller, Kalis, Schofield, Funchess/Williams, Butt.

      Defense: Clark, Washington, Black,Wormley, Ross, Ryan with alot of Gordon playing as well, Morgan, Countless, Taylor,Gordan, Thomas and Avery in the D back field. I think Taco plays alot as well. My sleeper pick here is Wormley. I read somewhere that he might of started last year if he were healthy.


    3. Lank, I agree that they like to get the best they can on the field....even if that means using a vet in a non-traditional playing spot (Avery). Wilson better bring the wood at that safety spot otherwise a healthy Avery may just get put back there for veteran sake.

      Hannah, I agree with Miller by default. It will be interesting to see if this is still true next year or we use that true center we picked up this year in Kugler. Miller just seems to be there because there isn't another true center and he may not be able to put the weight on to play guard. Just my 2 cents. As for Wormley.....I would love to see him start, but I think either him or Godin would be an improvement at the position unless Heitzman just had that major learning curve growth over the summer. Weight wise they are all about the same, but height wise and mobility I think Wormley and Godin both are upgrades.

      I also don't see Jackson being as big of factor as many others do. I think that if they get into a big WR blocking situation they will use two tight ends and AJ Williams is a large man.

      BTW>>>>>>I just realized that there is another Nick that posts. So I will probably end up changing my name. I always post with a period after my name just as an FYI.


    * WR: Jackson/Chesson >>> What everyone else said.
    * DT: Black, R. Glasgow, Henry >>> Henry has been hyped often so I'm surprised to see him behind a walk-on around the same age.
    * KR: Norfleet, Dileo, Chesson >>> One of these things is not like the others.

  5. Paging Dr. Gant...Dr. Gant...where are you?

    Guess my hopes for a breakout season from him are unfounded.

  6. Couple of deductions:

    1. Chesson isn't a capable blocker yet, and won't play much on first and second down. Thus, Jackson.
    2. The coaches are being respectful of seniority with the SDE situation. Wormley plays most of the snaps there by week two.

  7. I agree with you on the Wormley prediction

  8. I would be really surprised if the depth chart for the skill players comes anywhere close to the snaps that are played in week 1 and beyond. Specifically, Jackson being an "OR" with Chesson and the Smith/Green tandem being below Rawls, Johnson, and Hayes on the depth chart.