Wednesday, August 21, 2013

USA Today college football countdown: #18 Michigan

Paul Myerberg previews your Michigan Wolverines, whom he places at #18 in the nation.

Hit the jump for some Michigan girls.


  1. Wow, that's some seriously lame editing going on over at USA Today.

    "So what happened in 2012? The Wolverines moved to sixth nationally in third-down defense; the third-down defense moved to 30th nationally."


    "The passing game contributed 19 interceptions, the most in the Big Ten – four more than second-place Minnesota – and the 117th-most in the nation,

    Ranking them as the 117th team down from top spot on the list for the fewest interceptions given up?

    SEC English majors? ...... Exempt Clemson from that comment.

  2. Having now finished m second cup of coffee, it dawns on me ... Clemson is in the ACC.

    See the importance of good editing?