Sunday, January 15, 2012

TTB's Top Ten Posts of 2011

I'm not sure why you people like her, but whatever.  Here's Lucy Pinder, anyway.

As this blog has grown over the past few years, readership has expanded considerably.  I started this blog thinking that maybe 20-25 of my friends would read it, and now, literally, at least 32 friends read it.  It blows my mind.  So for a walk down memory lane, here are the top ten most read posts from 2011:

1. Attractive Michigan Girl of the Week: NSFW Girl (a.k.a. Lucy Pinder)

2. James Ross, Wolverine

3. EA Sports' "NCAA Football 2012" Ratings Released

4. 247 Sports: 2013 Top 247 Released

5. Visitors for the Ohio State Game

6. Kyle Kalis, Wolverine

7. 2011 Countdown: #2 Denard Robinson

8. Visitors for the Nebraska Game

9. Jarrod Wilson, Wolverine

10. Who fits and who doesn't?

What have I learned from this little bit of research?  You people really like Lucy Pinder, James Ross, and video games.

Ya buncha nerds.


  1. Do you still keep Denard at #2? I know this offense wasn't exactly as good as last year's, but I'd say they exceeded my expectations.

    Also, am I crazy, or did we barely ever use the second best play from the RR era? (The Denard fake run pass to an open Roundtree.) We somewhat saw that with Dileo this year, but it wasn't quite a play action. (First best play was probably a Denard run, that set the play action up.)

  2. @ Will 6:12 a.m.

    I still think Mike Martin and the defense were more important than Denard Robinson. I don't know that Michigan wins 11 games without Denard Robinson, but I don't know that they win 11 games without Mike Martin, either. Last year Robinson had a great season, the defense sucked, and Michigan won 7 games; this year Robinson had a pretty good year, the defense was pretty good, and Michigan won 11 games.

    We used that play a lot in 2010, but we also used it a lot in 2011. Perhaps it wasn't set up as effectively, but we still used it once or twice a game, which is about how often we used it last year. The difference was that the play was run for Drew Dileo, Junior Hemingway, and Kevin Koger this year, not Roundtree.