Thursday, July 18, 2013

2013 Season Countdown: #42 Joe Kerridge

Joe Kerridge
Name: Joe Kerridge
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 241 lbs.
High school: Traverse City (MI) St. Francis
Position: Fullback
Class: Redshirt sophomore
Jersey number: #36
Last year: I ranked Kerridge #69 and said he would be the backup fullback with 1 carry for 3 yards. He was a part-time starter at fullback and had 1 reception for 12 yards.

Last season Kerridge saw his first game action at fullback. He missed the 2011 season while working his way back from an ACL tear, then played sparingly while Stephen Hopkins (since departed) tried his hand at the position, and then Kerridge had to wait for Russell Bellomy's pass in the Nebraska game, a pass into the flat that detoured, got a flat tire, grabbed some lunch, stopped at the store on a mission to find cheap butter, and finally arrived in Kerridge's hands two days later. If patience is a virtue, Kerridge should be the next pope.

This time around, Kerridge enters the season as the favorite for the position, but he'll have some fairly stiff competition from sophomore Sione Houma. I like Houma better as a pure athlete, but Kerridge has good size and lead blocks well. With some potentially talented running backs in the fold, the ability to lead block effectively might be more important than it has been the past couple seasons, when the team's best runner was the quarterback. Whoever wins the starting fullback gig will have to devastate a few linebackers, and I think that guy will be Kerridge.

Prediction: Starting fullback; 2 receptions, 18 yards


  1. Agree with the writeup, though if (as you say) lead-blocking will be more important this year, he might deserve to be higher on the list. Presumably, Houma isn't as effective in that capacity and Kerridge will see a lot more snaps than half the people ahead of him.

    This could be his year to "shrink an inch" like fullbacks are sposed to.

  2. I thought that Kerridge looked pretty good last year. He has the potential to be the best FB in a while, which is not saying much. The last one that was above average was Kevin Dudley. I like Houma too but think Kerridge looks like a more natural blocker at this point.

  3. Fullback is a less respected position than placekicker. Yet a good fullback with a nose for lead blocking can increase a running back's average by 2 or 3 yards per carry. Turing an average back into an All American. Plus they get hit every play, no matter what. It has got to be the worst position to play in the sport.

    1. I really don't believe that a good fullback can increase a running back's rushing average by 2-3 yards per carry.

    2. I did not phrase that well. I was more talking about certain plays, not every play. like obviously not on a counter...

  4. Joey's best talents are not being used. He was an all state punter as a sophmore in high scholl and as a running back he didn't need blockers.