Saturday, July 6, 2013

2013 Season Countdown: #54 Richard Ash

Richard Ash
Name: Richard Ash
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 316 lbs.
High school: Pahokee (FL) Pahokee
Position: Defensive tackle
Class: Redshirt junior
Jersey number: #54
Last year: I ranked Ash #39 and said he would be the backup nose tackle. He played in four games and did not accrue any statistics.

Ash has been a bit of a forgotten man over the past few years. He came in without a great deal of hype for being a 4-star prospect, and his position was a little bit in the air. Rich Rodriguez recruited him for defensive tackle, but some thought he would be better as a strongside defensive end type. Last year he played around 301 lbs., which would have made him a light rotational defensive tackle . . . if he made the rotation. So far he has played in nine career games without making a single tackle. He simply hasn't been very effective.

Fifth year senior Quinton Washington established himself as a starting nose tackle last year, and sophomore Ondre Pipkins earned most of the backup snaps. Ash doesn't have the explosive abilities to be a consistent penetrator, so perhaps he can use his 316 lbs. to take up some space in the middle this coming year. However, the only defensive tackle who graduated last year was William Campbell, Michigan's starting 3-tech. Until Washington graduates, Ash will probably find himself in the same spot or lower on the depth chart.

Prediction: Backup nose tackle


  1. I think we had high hopes for this guy, so far he has been kinda a bust. Unless he has a brake-out year, Ash doesn't get a fifth year.

  2. He's actually a backup to the backup NT behind QWash and Peewee Pipkins

  3. Would be a shock to see him play a meaningful down.

  4. I just like that he's ranked #54, well played.