Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Class of 2013: Freshman jersey numbers

The coaches must be getting around to letting the incoming freshmen know what jersey numbers they'll wear, because the kids have been tweeting about it.  I'll fill in these numbers as I see them pop up, and of course, some of the players are already enrolled and on the roster; in parentheses is the name of the last player on their side of the ball to wear the number:

Kyle Bosch: #65 (Patrick Omameh)
Jake Butt: #88 (Brandon Moore)
Taco Charlton: #33 (Boubacar Cissoko)
David Dawson: #55 (Andy Christopfel)
Reon Dawson: #20 (Marlin Jackson)
Ross Douglas: #29 (Troy Woolfolk)
Jaron Dukes: #83 (Jerald Robinson)
Chris Fox: #73 (William Campbell)
Ben Gedeon: #42 (J.B. Fitzgerald)
Derrick Green: #27 (Jonathan Keizer)
Delano Hill: #44 (Desmond Morgan)
Khalid Hill: #80 (Martell Webb)
Maurice Hurst, Jr.: #73 (William Campbell)
Da'Mario Jones: #14 (Teric Jones)
Patrick Kugler: #57 (Elliott Mealer)
Jourdan Lewis: #26 (Isaiah Bell)
Mike McCray II: #9 (Marell Evans)
J.J. McGrath: #46 (Seth Broekhuizen)
Garrett Moores: #15 (Michael Cox)
Shane Morris: #7 (Devin Gardner)
Henry Poggi: #7 (Brandin Hawthorne)
Dan Samuelson: #74 (John Ferrara)
Wyatt Shallman: #33 (Stephen Hopkins)
DeVeon Smith: #4 (Brandon Minor)
Channing Stribling: #8 (J.T. Floyd)
Scott Sypniewski: #43 (Zoltan Mesko)
Dymonte Thomas: #25 (Kenny Demens)
Logan Tuley-Tillman: #72 (Mark Huyge)
Jack Wangler: #16 (Denard Robinson)
Csont'e York: #81 (Mike Kwiatkowski)

If you know of any numbers that I've missed so far, let me know in the comments section. Thanks!


  1. Actually, Webb wore 80. Brandon Moore was 88 before he switched to 89 and then 87 this past year.

    Thanks for the list!

  2. This was a tweet by Wyatt Shallman on Tuesday:

    Wyatt Shallman ‏@WyattShallman 7 May
    I will wearnumber 33 foruofm.I chose this number to remember a fallen brother & great friend in David. #loveyouman

    1. Same as taco - I guess the talk if Wyatt being an rb are more serious than I thought. I guess they can change someday...

    2. Word is that Shallman is wearing #33 because of his sophomore teammate, David Widzinski, from CC wore it last season. David past away about 2 weeks after the State Championship.

  3. Shane Morris tweeted today that he will be wearing #7.

  4. Mike McCray tweeted he would wear #9

    Love the site

  5. Jaron Dukes will wear 83

  6. so What number will shane morris wear?

  7. So what does that mean since Shane is wearing #7? Intent to redshirt him?

    1. The only other player on the roster with #7 is Ross Douglas, a cornerback. Both guys can play as long as they're not on the field at the same time, and a QB and CB wouldn't be.

    2. Or trying to block a Pitt field goal.

  8. If someone has a scout account they show the numbers in an article. Here is the link:,d.aWc&cad=rja

  9. 7 Henry poggi
    9 mike McCray
    7 Shane Morris
    16 jack wangler
    27 Derrick green
    25 dymonte Thomas
    72 Logan Tulley Tillman
    65 Kyle Bosch
    55 David Dawson
    33 taco charlton
    7 Ross Douglas
    8 Channing stribling
    73 Maurice hurst
    83 jaron dukes
    74 Dan Samuelson
    33 Wyatt shallman
    46 JJ McGrath
    73 chris fox
    20 rein Dawson
    88 jake butt
    14 Demario jones
    26 jourdan Lewis
    80 khalid hill
    43 Scott sypniewski

  10. Garrett Moores?

    1. Moores is a walk-on, so he won't get to campus until later.

  11. Mike Cox was number 15 after Mallett was (in regards to the player who wore Moores' number last).

  12. Marlin Jackson did not wear #20, he was #3