Saturday, July 20, 2013

USA Today college football countdown: #51 Arizona

USA Today previews the Arizona Wildcats, a team that interests me because Rich Rodriguez is there. I'm sorry if you want to move on and don't care. Actually, no, I'm not.

Hit the jump if you like girls in Arizona shirts with short shorts.


  1. Arizona's offense is going to be rabid again, with Ka'Deem Carey coming back and most of the OL. We'll see if the defense can improve enough to manage wins against the teams who edged them last year.

  2. I always follow RR and wish him success. Interesting to see if the defense improves now that Casteel has had more time to install and instill the stack. Nowhere to go but up after last season... and I think (hope) that they will be decent. The offense will put up points...