Saturday, August 3, 2013

Buzzfeed: The Rootability Pros and Cons of Each Team in the Big Ten

Ben Mathis-Lilley goes through each of the Big Ten's twelve teams and discusses why you should or shouldn't root for each one.

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Gemma Hiles


  1. Mr. Mathis-Lilley writes: "Slowly getting back to the point of always having a looming, destructive monster defense."

    WTF? Only rarely in the modern era could Michigan's defense be described that way ('97, '06, maybe a few in the early '70s). More often, it was good, but not great.

    Its greatness was generally on offense.

  2. That 1985 team .... Was the best I've seen

  3. Mathis - Lilley engages in some hyperbole to be sure, but he's far closer to the truth than is Anon #1,

    With very few exceptions, Bo's teams played outstanding defense year in and year out, as did Mo's, especially against the run and in the Big 10. Both coaches consistently ran top 20 defenses out onto the field.

    It was the yearly ebb and flow of the offenses that determined how it all finished out, especially for Bo's teams, which didn't enjoy a lot of great Quarterbacking.