Thursday, September 25, 2014

Former Michigan Athlete of the Week: Ryan Mundy

Ryan Mundy (#21 in white)
In his first year with the Chicago Bears, safety Ryan Mundy made 2 tackles against the New York Jets and then picked off a Geno Smith pass, which he returned for a 45-yard touchdown in Chicago's 27-19 victory.

Honorable mention: Tom Brady was 24/37 for 234 yards and 1 touchdown as the New England Patriots beat the Oakland Raiders. In that same game, Charles Woodson made 4 tackles and broke up 2 of Brady's passes for the Raiders. Tim Jamison made 5 tackles for the Houston Texans, but they lost to the New York Giants by a score of 30-17.


  1. Charles Woodson ..... ..... ..... ..... there is no suitable word.

  2. It's amazing how very average players for us have turned out to be pretty darn good football players. Ryan Mundy and Stevie Brown come to mind immediately.

  3. Mundy always represents to me, the decline of our coaching in the late Carr era. Guys like Cato June, Stevie Brown, Morgan Trent and Mundy struggled (all for different reasons) to reach their potential at Michigan. Not sure who to blame for it - Ron English?

  4. Haven't all those guys played in the NFL? Why are we looking to blame a coach for them not "reaching their potential"? Maybe they matured as players and found that once in the league they had to perform to get paid. Personal motivation usually achieves better results than any coach can get. Maybe they didn't want to give the same effort on college as they are now.

    1. An NFL talent shouldn't have problems being an effective college player, even playing at 90% effort. Some might argue it's part of a coach's job to motivate. Anyway, it didn't LOOK like they weren't trying.

      If a guy isn't going to "mature as a player" until after he is gone - that is bad coaching, bad talent identification, bad, bad, bad.