Monday, September 1, 2014

Thanks for reading!

I would like to thank you guys (and girls?) once again for reading. The month of August saw an 18% increase in traffic over July, which was the high-water mark up to that point. The site and readership continue to grow.

I have been receiving more and more e-mails lately asking questions, asking for favors, etc. I am happy to oblige whenever possible (for example, a post here may/may not have helped the whole Muskegon Mona Shores varsity team attend last weekend's game). If I do not respond in a timely manner, I apologize. At this point I am usually posting 2-4 times a day, all of which is generated by myself. I'll almost always get back to you, but sometimes it just takes a while.

If you hit the jump, my way of thanks is showing you some pictures of some great looking women.

Alex Zerega


  1. What, no black women? Jk, I wouldn't expect to se ND content here either. Post what you know!

  2. There have been lots of amazing women featured on this site, but #1 is absolutely stunning!!

  3. Tough to argue with #1, until you get to #23, the young lady on the bridge with the boots and the miniskirt. She may qualify as the most gorgeous girl on the planet.