Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Recruiting Update: September 24, 2014

Janarius Robinson (image via
QB: Michigan is set with Alex Malzone.
RB: Michigan is set with Mike Weber, although he's one to keep an eye on because of some questionable loyalty comments. The Wolverines also have Ty Isaac redshirt, who will be a redshirt sophomore in 2015.
TE: Michigan is fine with Chris Clark in the mix, but he's another guy with questionable loyalty issues.
WR: Michigan should be fine with Brian Cole, since the Wolverines have several receivers redshirting from the 2014 class.
OL: I would like to see the Wolverines add one more player to the mix, along with Grant Newsome and Jon Runyan, Jr.
DE: Michigan needs a weakside end in this class, but they should be set with strongside end Darian Roseboro. The most likely option is Keisean Lucier-South, who has several suitors (UCLA, Oklahoma, etc.). If he is no longer an option, Michigan will probably need to expand its offer board.
DT: Michigan does not need a true defensive tackle in this class, and Roseboro might fill that need in the long run, anyway.
LB: Michigan is stacked at linebacker, and Darrin Kirkland, Jr. adds depth at middle linebacker. Only elite options should be considered, and not many seem to have interest in Michigan at this point.
CB: Michigan is solid at cornerback with Garrett Taylor (though he tore his ACL) and the crew already on the roster, but Marcus Lewis remains a somewhat likely option.
S: Michigan has some good young players at safety, and Tyree Kinnel is having a solid senior year. The Wolverines could use a difference maker here, but otherwise, their numbers are solid.
K/P: Michigan's kicker (Matt Wile) and punter (Will Hagerup) are both graduating, but the punting job will almost surely be taken over by walk-on Kenny Allen. Meanwhile, Andrew David should take Wile's spot.

Summary: Michigan is set at most positions with a need at weakside end. Offensive line and cornerback are not needs but desires, and the tight end/running back positions are question marks because the two players committed at those spots are somewhat soft in their pledges.

Cedar Hill (TX) Cedar Hill wide receiver Damarkus Lodge decommitted from Texas A&M. Michigan has no chance here. Interestingly, in the aftermath of the decommitment, Aggies head coach Kevin Sumlin talked about how they rotate receivers and publicly said "If you're scared, you don't need to play here." It doesn't sound like that fence will be mended anytime soon.

Panama City (FL) Bay defensive end Janarius Robinson committed to Florida State. You can't really blame him after they win a national championship and then beat a pretty good Clemson team with their backup quarterback. Of course, it helps that you can go there, allegedly sexually assault women, allegedly shoplift crab legs, and still win a Heisman trophy with a staff that reluctantly suspends you - finally - for a game only because the national media crushes the staff. Not that young Mr. Robinson would ever be interested in doing those things, but . . . you know . . . those protections in place don't hurt.

Over on Recruiting Season - which has taken a bit of a back seat with football season in full swing - I updated the profiles of Wes French, Demetric Vance, and Donnie Corley. Corley, in particular, is one that Michigan fans should watch going forward. He's a 2016 wide receiver prospect with very good skills, although he's probably headed to MSU.

Here's a list of visitors from the game against Utah (LINK).


  1. IMO ..a Harbaugh hire is the only thing that will keep this class from fleeing. It is the only thing that eradicates the national mockery and restores some semblance of street- cred appeal

    1. I think there are lots of possible hires that could keep the class mostly intact.

  2. @Anon 8:34AM

    The first step to stopping the mockery is for our own fans to stop leading it. Who publicly mocks their own family? Helps the mob burn down their own house?

    I've heard more than one fan from another team wonder at it. Our fans are much more embarrassing and do more damage to our program than interceptions on the field.

  3. I haven't seen that Mike Weber is a soft commit anywhere. Is this information that is out there or do you have an inside scoop?

    1. It's not really inside scoop. It's just reading between the lines. Weber initially wanted to wait until the AA game to announce, and he has said some things like "Right now this is where I think I fit best." His comments have not been particularly strong about being committed to Michigan. I think Michigan is his leader more than he's committed to them.

  4. Anon fight!

    Nice summary. With the class nearing full and season in swing, it's hard to get very excited about recruiting, but it's a good time to look at the big picture.

    UTL game is always a good opportunity. Hopefully we win the next 2 to get the fanbase thinking and acting more positively. Kids who go to that always generate some recruiting buzz.

  5. LB: It seems like Bilal has interest in Michigan.
    I'd like to see Michigan sign him.

    Do you not feel like the Michigan-Bilal interest is mutual?