Saturday, September 20, 2014

Some pictures to make you feel better

Well, that was ugly. Here are some good looking ladies to make us all feel slightly better, including a mesmerizing gif.

Elaine Alden

Emanuela de Paula

Svetlana Bilyalova


  1. I knew magnus would come through. Thanks bro

  2. The offense is going to need another year of work or some new coaching techniques or some new coaches, or a combination of all three. Looks really bad against average teams like ND and Utah. I salute Mattison, however. He has the D playing very well. Is Hoke holding Nuss back? Is Funk the problem? Why is this such a freaking cluster F#@% on offense? Time to go drink now while you all discuss.

    1. I think this game showed that the offense is a Hoke problem. We are slow like dinosaurs. Nuss wasn't this slow at Alabama.. It's Hoke imposing on the OC and it makes me sick when I see another snap with 3 seconds left on the clock.What's the point of out-possessing the ball when the majority is just meaningless clock winding.

  3. This made me feel so much better about myself.