Sunday, September 14, 2014

MLive: Critical questions remain after win over Miami-OH

Nick Baumgardner says that critical questions remain for the Wolverines after the unfulfilling win over Miami (LINK).

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  1. Sorry, but I think the link didn't come through. Can't click on it.

  2. Nick is way too critical of the team and the coach. I stopped commenting at mlive as it is just too negative. This might turn out to be a bad team, but not yet. DG TO was a tipped ball. No one can predict that. ST TO was a miscommunication. Wish it didn't happen, but things like that happen. That is how freshmen learn. Darboh TO is part of the game. I am still not sure if it is a TO. I see experienced WRs in NFL go through that quite a bit.

    Easy to blame everything on coach and get more hits and comments. If he is going to comment on TOs, he should have been fair to what kind it is.

    1. Agree. All three seemed like flukes. Chesson could have caught the pass, even my wife thought Darboh's knee was down (but there was no camera angle that made it definitive) and the short kick was bad luck more than anything else.

  3. Nick is a troglodyte .... Also, on the kudo's train for Jake Butt - he absolutely saved DG's "butt" on the pass preceding the touchdown. Pulled it literally from the the defender's hands. Good to see JBooty getting back in gear.