Tuesday, September 23, 2014

MLive: Dennis Norfleet passionately defends Brady Hoke

Some players and ex-players are stepping up and defending Brady Hoke, including Dennis Norfleet (LINK).

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  1. I watched the mid-week report, then I read the Norfleet article, then I read the MLIVE comments smh! It’s time to support this program I know losing sucks but it’s time to move on. I believe Brady Hoke & co. are great coaches and can possibly take this team to next level. It’s time for the offense ( OLine , WR , RB , TE etc. ) no matter who the QB is to Execute on all levels and display a solid performance for 60min ( not perfect but just a solid performance). Like Norfleet said in the mid-week report "the coaches prepare them every week and it’s time for them to execute” (something like that)
    I've been around coaching and coaching is like parenting. A parent can give you all the sound advice and you can either ignore the advice (miss block, drop the pass, wrong formation etc...) Or Execute (make the correct block, catch the pass, being in the right position)

  2. Who is the girl at the top?