Thursday, August 1, 2013

Grantland: Defending the Read-Option

Chris Brown of Smart Football  breaks down how NFL defenses are trying to stop the read option, which the San Francisco 49ers rode into the Super Bowl last season.

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Lais DeLeon


  1. lol. Those chicks would go into conniptions if their hair got wet.

  2. Re: the Chris Brown article about the spread offense in the NFL ...

    Very nice piece of writing ... I always enjoy Chris Brown

    The risk of injury to a run QB in the NFL is apt ... defenses will seek to punish QBs that feature running as part of their game. I can't see how the NFL can change rules about that. QB in the pocket after a pass, yes; QB tucking and running, no.

    I wonder too about the role of generally superior defensive linemen in the NFL. In the college games I've seen where a spread offense goes up against a talented and athletic defensive line, it seems the D-line is capable of generating enough disruption to render the spread less effective. I'm thinking USC's defeat of Oregon two years ago, and LSU's defeat of Oregon in the opener a few years back, and Auburn's defeat of Oregon in the NC.

    It seems very talented defensive lineman have gone for a premium in the NFL draft the last several years. Might that affect the success of the spread in the NFL?